It’s a coup! and Supreme Justice is involved

The dialogue recordings between the Michel Temer’s strongman, the Planning Minister Romero Juca, and ex-president of Transpetro, Sergio Machado, are much more serious than that made with former senator Amaral Delcídio and should if the Supreme Court still had one iota of shame, not only lead to the arrest of Juca, but the cancellation of all acts under the command of the PMDB to Dilma Mousseff away.
“You have to solve this shit. Have to change the government to stop this bleeding, “said Juca, one of the organizers of Dilma impeachment. Machado said it was necessary “policy and quick thing.”
In the text, revealed by Folha, “the fuck” are the investigations of Machado, one of the PMDB operator Petrobras within the complex, away for Dilma,

But do not stop there:
“Juca added that any government Michel Temer should build a national pact” with the Supreme with everything. ” Machado said, “then I stop everything.” “IT IS. Demarcating where you are ready, “said Juca, about the investigations.
The senator also reported that he had held talks with “ministers of the Supreme,” which not nominou. In Juca version to ally, they would have related to output Dilma after the pressures of the press and other sectors by continuing investigations of Lava Jato. ”
JUCÁ – [Quietly] I spoke yesterday with some ministers of the Supreme. The guys say ‘O, one is able to [inaudible] without it [Dilma]. While she is there, the press, the guys want to take it, this shit will never stop ‘. Understood? So … I’m talking to the generals, military commanders. It’s all quiet, the guys say they will guarantee. They are monitoring the MST, do not know what, not to disturb.
As it is, you ministers of the Supreme? Means that the coup scheme had “held talks” with you? It was exactly that made you run to hold the Amaral Delcídio, a just like recording?
Worse, by the way, because there it was to rid a person and now it is a conversation to give a coup.
They will make poker face or apply rigor equal to Juca?
Worse, because now, if the recordings were obtained in a legal manner, from March to PGR is fully aware of the conspiracy.
That makes it clear what it says Juca also involved toucans [PSDB]:
MACHADO – The situation is serious. For Romero, they want to catch all the politicians. It is the one document that was given …
JUCÁ – Ending the political class to rise again, building a new breed, pure, which has nothing to do with …
MACHADO – That, and catch everyone. And the PSDB do not know if it hit already.
JUCÁ – fell. All of them. Aloysio [Nunes, Senator], [today Minister Jose] Serra, Aécio [Neves, a senator].
MACHADO – The other shoe fell. Tasso [Jereissati] also fall?
JUCÁ – also. Everyone in the tray to be eaten.
Machado, who was the PSDB before joining the PMDB and enter the party quota within the Lula government also devastates Aécio Neves, reports Folha:
Sergio Machado, who was the PSDB before joining the PMDB, states that “the first to be eaten will be the Aécio [Neves (PSDB-MG),” and adds: “The Aécio can not afford, we know that, Cum. Who does not know? Who does not know Aécio scheme? I, who attended the PSDB campaign … “.
“Yes, we lived all,” adds Juca, without advancing in the details.
Machado tries to refresh the memory of Juca: “What we did together, Romero, that election to elect deputies for him [Aécio] be mayor?” There was Juca response. Aécio chaired the House of Representatives between 2001 and 2002.
Has more, much more, and in a moment I’ll be back to comment.
Even this morning will end with someone arrested as he was with Delcídio.




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